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Table Feeder
The Table Feeder is the most versatile and accurate mode of extraction of material from hoppers and bins. Live load does not affect the operation of the equipment A controlled and accurate flow is obtained from this equipment without spillage of distortion to the product structure.

Screw Feeder

Screw Feeders are used for dosing of free flowing material at a controlled rate for process application. Various types of configurations are available for different types of application. A special type of feeder is developed by us for the VS manufacturing industry. It is named as Plug O Seal Type Feeder. It is a type of feeder for feeding acetylene in the process. It eliminates emission of gases coming out at the time of feeding.

Rotary Feeder

Rotary Air Lock are used to extract material from bins or silos which are under vacuum or pressurized. It extracts the material from the bin or silo without disturbing the vacuum or pressure of the system. Various options are available for different types of applications. Shown here is a Flow Through Type of Rotary Air Lock suitable for Pneumatic Conveying, delivering a controlled flow of material for conveying to pipes.
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