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  Blender is suited for solids blending where the material is less than free flowing.
Fast and Effective Blending: The Ribbons are arranged that when rotated it reaches each and every corner of the trough and imparts radial and linear motion to the whole of the materials to be mixed. At the same time material is moved from side of the trough to the centre and from the centre of the trough to the sides, resulting in quick and fast homogenizing of the product.
Blades are designed to suit specified product characteristics.
Triple mixing action for fast and efficient blending.
Guards/Grills and limit switches are provided for maximum operator safety.
Discharge either by tilting arrangement or through valves and automatic arrangement.
Wireless remote control operation for toxic product.
Suitable for vacuum application.
Flame Proof electrical equipment.
Nauta Mixtures
  This mixtures has been specifically use to homogenous the material with various density and cherictricity.
With the incline moving screw it gently mixing the material and to easy delivery to outlet.
It can very the RPM of incline moving screw and it's rotation in direction which gives excellent mixing various kind of materials.

At Darshini Engineers we have manufacturers nauta mixture in various sizes in different MOC's.
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